Your benefitsSave money. Save time.

  • REAL, AUTOMATED CASH rewards to consumers and households
  • 4-6% CASHBACK annually from all purchases with participating vendors
  • One FREE app instead of multiple loyalty cards
  • Offers TAILORED to your personal profile
  • ZERO action required to earn money - just set up the app and get ready to start receiving automatic cashback on purchases
  • INVITE your friends and enjoy additional rewards
No more points.
No more loyalty cards.
Just cash.
  • No more loyalty rewards cards.
  • No more useless gifts and lost points - just cash
  • No more point-redemption nightmares
  • Automatic cashback
  • Quick and simple
  • Check out to find the best deals, both online and offline
  • Dine at any RECASHER restaurant and discreetly receive automatic cashback
  • Shop at your RECASHER-friendly grocery store and save money on everyday purchases
  • Book a hotel via RECASHER and receive cashback for your stay
  • Visit a RECASHER hairdresser and receive cashback during at each visit
  • Receive great offers at thousands of RECASHER merchants
  • Enjoy special benefits for birthdays and first-time use
Two clicks. Another two happy people.
The RECASHER referral system.
  • Delight your friends
    by helping them save money
  • Once you invite your friends,
    receive additional ongoing
    bonuses for their purchases