No more points.
No more loyalty rewards cards.
Just cash.

RECASHER. The cashback revolution.

Your benefitsSave money. Save time.

  • REAL, AUTOMATIC CASH rewards to consumers and households
  • 4-6% CASHBACK from all purchases with participating vendors
  • One FREE app instead of multiple loyalty cards
  • Offers TAILORED to suit you
  • ZERO action required to earn money - just set up the app and get ready to start receiving automatic cashback on purchases
  • INVITE your friends and enjoy additional rewards

How it works Enjoy the ultimate rewards experience.

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Mission RECASHER effortlessly saves you money,
letting you spend more time
on what really matters.

RECASHER is a modern solution to the shortcomings of the old consumer loyalty system.

We were all fed up with useless loyalty points, dozens of annoying plastic cards, and cumbersome redemption processes, and decided to create a streamlined system that would help people automatically save on their daily purchases with ease.

At RECASHER, we are passionate about putting money back into the pockets of savvy consumers through RECASHER offers and promotions.

We are also keen on helping local communities, with merchant software that helps small businesses offer state-of-the-art geo-located loyalty programs, which were previously only accessible to large corporations.