Recashercan help boost the turnover of businesses like yours.

How? It rewards customers for their loyalty to local shops, stores & services with THE TOP MOTIVATOR: CASH.

Promote your cashback offers via the Recasher app, and we’ll also list your promotions on the most popular review sites so that your business can reach up to 200+ million people.

With Recasher, you attract significantly more new customers to your business while increasing the purchase volume and frequency of your regular customers.

Now more than ever, people realize how important small businesses like yours are to their neighborhoods & want to support their favorite local retailers and service providers. Repay their loyalty with cashback.

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Market your business with
this simple loyalty tool

  • Run promotional campaigns reaching
    225+ million people nationwide or locally
  • Attract new customers & gain customer loyalty with cashback
  • Make your loyalty offering easy to use - Recasher users shop and pay as usual so it’s a truly seamless shopping experience
  • Geotarget your customers and market your offers directly to them on their devices
  • Reach an even bigger audience - with Recasher your offers automatically appear on Yelp, Uber, NerdWallet, and 200 other platforms
  • Only pay an advertising fee after selling to a customer we brought to your store
  • Impressions and clicks we drive to your offers are completely FREE!

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Our mission is to support small businesses
& help them grow their customer base
while giving cashback to those customers
who support their community by shopping locally.

Recasher is truly win-win:

Increased sales & profits for businesses
& real cashback for Recasher users
on their everyday purchases.


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